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Here are some photos of the city of Gorzów Wlkp, in the province of Lubuskie, in the west of Poland. Contact us if you have a photograph of Gorzow you would like us to add to our page.

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Gorzow Wlkp  Lubuskie / Landsberg Warthe Neumark

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Gorzów Wielkopolski, abbreviated Gorzów Wlkp., is a city in western Poland, on the Warta river, with around 125,000 inhabitants. Since 1999, it is one of the two capitals of Lubuskie (Lubusz) Voivodeship (the other is Zielona Góra). Before 1945 Gorzow was part of Germany and was located in the Neumark region of Brandenburg. Since the Middle Ages it had been thoroughly German in population. After the end of the Second World War, when Poland's borders were shifted westward, and the German population was expelled across the River Oder / Odra to Germany and replaced with Poles. One of the main features of the city is the impressive Gothic Cathedral in the centre of the the city. Gorzow is today located in the most forested part of Poland and has many beautiful lakes around the city. The city's location so close to Berlin and Germany make it a popular destination for German tourists and shoppers.

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